Aero Chair Awesome little chair in natural wood tones Chair Details
Aero Table and Stools Set The Aero table and stools set make a great little play area or project set for little ones to play, color and draw.
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Table and Stools Set

Aero Table and Stools set in natural

The Aero table and stools come as a set


Aero Bed

Our newest item is the Aero Bed.



New Video

Check out our new assembly video

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We’re Even More Green

Eco-friendly furniture finishes

All new stains made from cheese

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About Us

Sodura was established in January of 2011, and our goal, in short, is to provide cool, modern furniture that a normal person can buy. We are parents, just like you, and we want furniture for the nursery that has style, but can still go into the same room as that changing station that our grandmother...

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Our Materials

At Sodura, we try to use the best material available to produce our furniture. We are using water-based finishes that are made from whey, and no formaldehyde glues, so that there are no toxic fumes...

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Latest Works

Our newest furniture collection is the Aero set.


Sodura Does Custom

At Sodura, we have a complete custom furniture making shop. So, we can handle all of your custom furniture needs. Want to make a kids stool that’s federal blue or fire-engine red? That is no problem.